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Educate Kids.

For the local public of Kenya, the resource education is a guarantor for social and national development. The Kenyan education system comprises of 8-years of primary education, 4 years of secondary education and 4 years of university training. For those who do not qualify to attend secondary and/or university, they have an option to attend technical institutions to learn craftsmen trades. Children from humble backgrounds cannot afford to attend secondary schools. In most government schools classrooms tend to be overcrowded due to high enrolment of students and there is a shortage of equipment and teachers. So, what about the children that would love to continue learning after primary school but can’t afford continuative education?

Severin Craftsman Training Center in Mombasa, Kenya, aims to teach less of theoretical knowledge but more of manual skills with an immediate benefit to the local participants.

Support Kids.

In dependence on the dual education, craftsmen courses for electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters and metalworkers are offered. Besides theoretical courses in two classrooms practical courses are held in cooperation with local crafts enterprises and hotels.

The students will pay a nominal fee and enrolment will comprise, as a minimum requirement, of students who have completed their primary education and are interested in learning craftsmen professions.

Skills for Kenya e.V. pays the complete course fees for trainees from socially disadvantaged families.

For more information on Severin Craftsman Training Center please visit their website here!