Who we are

The members

On 26 September 2013, seven founding members signed the association's statutes and thus simultaneously decided to found the non-profit association Skills for Kenya e.V.

The personal interest of each individual and the special relationship of the Schulte family to Kenya laid the foundation for the association and the social commitment.

On this page you can get to know the founding members personally.

S. S. Schulte - 1st Chairman

Just like his grandfather and his father Severin Schulte, also Sebastian Severin Schulte was fascinated from the people in Kenya from the first moment. A few years ago he decided to step into the footsteps of his family to further develop the tourism business.

When he heard of the idea for the association Skills for Kenya e.V. for the first time, he was immediately enthused and wanted to help developing the project. For him it is especially great and motivating when young people can live an independent life after having graduated successfully.

P. Sell - 2nd Chairman

As a friend and business partner of Sebastian Severin Schulte, Phil was keen to be part of the "Skills for Kenya" association in the future.

He has travelled to the African country many times and also lived there for a few months. Phil wants to make his contribution to helping young Kenyans in their home country with their vocational training and further education.

S. Schulte

Already at a young age, Severin Schulte often travelled to Kenya with his family and thus developed an extraordinary love for this country and its people. He has now been working in tourism there for over 40 years and delights his guests with the Severin Sea Lodge on Bamburi Beach near Mombasa and the Severin Safari Camp in Tsavo West National Park.

But of course, the problems of the country did not remain closed to him, and so he gradually developed the idea of the association Skills for Kenya e.V. Through regular trips to Kenya, he can ensure that the available funds are used purposefully and will reach 100% of the needy children and young people.

D. Schlereth

Dieter Schlereth is a partner and managing director of a global auditing and consulting firm ("Big4"). In this function, he has, among other things, performed national and international tasks in the areas of "Human Resources" and "Talent Management" for almost 15 years. During this time, his great sympathy and commitment for the topic of development and promotion of young people emerged. In addition to numerous internal company initiatives, he launched the initiative "Youth, School, Economy" more than five years ago together with renowned corporate partners in Düsseldorf, which aims to introduce pupils to the topic of economy, which is traditionally only insufficiently considered in the curricula, within the framework of interactive workshops using practical examples. 

When he had the opportunity to visit the Mji wa Salama orphanage in Mombasa/Kenya for the first time in 2012, he was immediately impressed by the motivation of all those involved and by what is being achieved there under difficult circumstances with manageable financial resources based on the initiative of Cornelia and Severin Schulte and what has already been achieved. As a founding member of the "Skills for Kenya" association, he would like to support the continuation and expansion of this commitment towards a more comprehensive, including vocational, training of young Kenyans.

M. Niemand

Meinolf Niemand is the Chief Executive Officer of the South Westphalia Chamber of Skilled Crafts. With its vocational training centre in Arnsberg, it is a renowned provider of vocational training and further education. Every year, around 15,000 participants complete a wide range of courses in the technical and commercial fields. In addition, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts supports its member companies in their search for suitable trainees by participating in training fairs and job fairs, but also by providing personal counselling.

Education is the key to a self-determined life and leads to recognition in society. Only those who complete an education can successfully take their lives into their own hands and shape their future. This maxim applies worldwide. Therefore, it is a matter of honour to support this initiative of the Schulte family in Kenya. Especially for developing and emerging countries, the factor education is existentially important for stability and progress.

T. Wrede

Thomas Wrede is the managing partner of an internationally active family business in the Sauerland region. He has been friends with the Schulte family in Sundern for many years. Through this friendship, he became aware of the Mji wa Salama orphanage in Mombasa/Kenya at an early stage and has since supported the orphanage by taking on sponsorships. 

During his visit to the orphanage in 2012, he was able to convince himself of the usefulness of targeted and direct support and education for Kenyan youth. The subsequent discussions with Severin Schulte encouraged him to participate in the foundation of the association in order to motivate other people and give them a platform to support this meaningful project.

L. Schulte

Financial Controller